Time Between Classes

There will be at least 30 minutes between classes to ensure thorough cleaning.


Class Size

Smaller class sizes to meet 25% capacity guidelines with 6 ft between all bikes and mats.

18 bikes in Dallas, 16 bikes in Plano, 6 mats in Core

Social Distancing

All equipment will be 6ft apart as well as social distancing reminders around the studio to reinforce social distance.



We have a medical grade solution that is effective in eliminating the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, disinfectant wipes will be available in both the Cycling and Core room. 

deep clean

Extra Cleaning

Staff will execute deep cleaning and disinfecting before and after every class as well as perform an additional deep clean multiple times per week during off hours.



Our water station will not be open during this time but you may purchase water for $3.


Shoe Rentals

We will not be providing shoe rentals during this time and clients must have their own shoes to take a cycling class. We have them for purchase to order.


Towel Service Suspended

Our towel service has been suspended and we will not be offering towels for class or eucalyptus towels post class. You may purchase a towel for $5.



 Front desk and staff will wear masks unless teaching a class. Clients must wear a mask to enter the studio and in the common areas. You may remove your mask once you are in your designated spot for class. We have comfortable, washable masks for $10.



All staff members will be required to have their temperature checked at the start of their shift. Clients are not required to have their temperatures checked. Please stay home if you are not feeling well.



Lockers will not be available during this time. Please leave your belongings at home or in the car. Remember: you don’t need your phone to workout! You’ll have a bin by your bike/mat for your keys etc.


Studio Amenities

Other studio amenities have been temporarily paused such as our coffee bar, changing rooms, vanity areas, etc.

No Contact Check-In

We’ll have a no-contact check in that is 6ft from our staff. You must sign up for class before entering the studio. Proceed directly from check-in to the class.



Our showers and changing areas will not be available for use.



Restrooms will only be available for emergencies. Please use the restroom at home prior to coming to class!



   Hand sanitizers will be provided by the entrance and should be used every time you enter/exit the studio.


No Cash

No cash transactions please! Make sure you have a card on file before coming to the studio.


Switching Spots

You must reserve a spot before coming to the studio. You will be assigned a space. We will not allow switching of bikes/mats at this time.


Late Policy

 No late entry is allowed. If you are not in your spot at the start of class, you will not be allowed in the room. There will be no entry/exit during class unless for emergencies.


Weight Free Zone

We’re not using weights! Don’t get too excited, we’ll still be utilizing towels for arm songs.


On The Waitlist

Our waitlist will work the same way! However, you’ll check in for the waitlist and then wait outside or in your car until we call you.


Back to Back Classes

Braving a double? You’ll have to leave the studio and come back for the next class. 


Enter & Exit

Our studio doors will be open 10 minutes prior to class time. You’ll check in at the front desk and proceed directly to your assigned space. No waiting in the studio before, between or after classes.

Memberships will be unfrozen May 31 so that you can begin booking on June 1.

If you would like to continue to freeze your membership, you may do so by emailing connect@lynccycling.com by June 3.

If you have a class pack or series that has expired, you may reach out at connect@lynccycling.com to receive an additional 60 days added.

Booking begins Monday, June 1 at 12:00 pm CST.