Get all the burn without all the planks! Here’s the routine: Do each of these move for 15 reps (if it requires both sides you do 15 of EACH) and three rounds through. You can take a quick water break in between each round, but don’t rest in between the moves.

Step Through

Start in all fours. Extend the right leg behind you then turn the right knee out and use your oblique and center core to bring the leg to side of the body. Step on to the right foot and lift the chest taking the hands off the floor and in to prayer. Place hands back down and take right knee out then back and under to all fours. Make sure the hips stay still throughout the movement and the stomach is pulled in. Repeat on the other side.

Oblique V-Up
to Side Forearm Plank

Yeah, yeah. It’s a version of a plank (but only for a moment!). Start laying down on your side with the arm extended straight out in front. Holding the legs straight and together lift up to a V shape, and lower back down. Roll to the elbow and press up in to a side plank. Squeeze the glutes, stack the hips, and hold for 3 counts. Lower back down and repeat. Repeat on the other side.

Dead Bug Press

Lay on your back and stack the knees in tabletop position over the hips. Press the spine into the floor and drive the hands into the tops of the thighs, putting pressure from the thighs back against the hands. Curl the head, neck, and shoulders off the floor and extend the right leg straight out. Hold for 2 counts and squeeze the right glute then bring back in and lower the head down. Repeat on the other side.

One Knee Rollup

Crunch up as you bring one knee in and grab behind the thigh. Keep elbows wide and chin off the chest. Roll up until the foot can tap the ground, but stop before you come all the way up to a seated position. You should feel constant tension in the abs throughout the move. Control the roll down and extend the leg back out. Finish all reps on one side before moving to the other.

Diamond Reach Through
+ Bridge

Start with the bottoms of the feet together and knees wide. Crunch up and reach through the center as high as you can. Then return to the start and press up into a glute bridge keeping the knees wide. Hold for two counts at the top and squeeze as hard as you can. Lower down.

Reverse Crunch

Bend the knees and take hands behind the head, pulling the elbows in. Crunch in and lift hips and shoulders at the same time to meet in the middle. The elbows should get to the outside of the knees at the top of the move. Be careful not to pull on the neck, but instead focus on the push down with back to get the body up.

Add intensity by increasing reps or rounds!

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