Match the Tattoo to the LYNC Instructor

How well do you know your favorite LYNC instructors? Play this guessing game + find the answers at the bottom!

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A lover of dance & movement. This incredibly talented instructors has a few tattoos but holds this one close to their heart.

Can you guess which Instructor?

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My mandala was about 6 months in the making. It was custom designed by an artist down in Dallas, my 6th tattoo, and the first one I ever got without a friend going with me!

Who could it be?

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My mom and I have matching “catcatoos”. My dad designed the image.  Basically my mom and I saw a birthday party theme that was “glamor cats” when I was a freshman in high school and have been obsessed with cat paraphernalia ever since.

Which instructor is sporting this “cattoo”?

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This is the second tattoo I ever got. It says ‘брат’ in Cyrillic script & means ‘brother’ in Russian. My brother has ‘сестра’ on the same wrist which means ‘sister’. We wanted to honor our Russian heritage, our beloved grandmother and also our sibling bond.

Which instructor shares this sentimental tattoo with their brother?

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I went to school in New Orleans and fell in love with the culture, the people, the city! I always knew I’d get it at some point but I woke up one morning during Mardi Gras, grabbed some friends and a six pack and got it at 9 am!

Who loves New Orleans so much, they inked it?

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This is one of Gaga’s tattoos from her Joanne album but plot twist…My grandmothers name was Joanne as well and she was a 2nd mom to me. So it was meant to be. I got it in the same location Gaga has hers though bc why not.

Who shares this sentimental name with Lady Gaga?

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This hockey stick behind the ear is in remembrance of this Lync Fam member’s brother who played and deeply loved the game.

Who tatted this hockey memory behind their ear?

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