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We quizzed our instructors on the tips & tricks they’re taking into the new decade with them to help crush their goals. From support systems to making ‘you’ time, we have all the advice you need to make January 2020 the strongest month yet and take this momentum with you through the year. Keep reading and find the tip or trick(s) that work for you and your goals.





I thrive on order and a plan of action so it is really important to me to get a hold of my new school and work schedule for 2020. I will be starting my third round of whole30 in January and am excited to be doing it with some of my best friends for even more support. I also have made it a goal to take on 2-3 days of weight training a week because I love the way it makes me feel but have never fully committed. 2020 is a crazy exciting year for me: graduating with my masters, taking the CPA, and starting full time work so amidst it all I want to focus on slowing down and taking a breath. It’s easy to get caught up in the clutter of life but I want to celebrate all of my little wins this year rather than barreling through them with my head down.


With the start of a new decade, its easy to convince yourself that you need to create a laundry list of resolutions.  Resolutions focusing on what you want to accomplish, what you want to change, what you want to do. However, this year, my challenge to each of you is to focus on how you want to FEEL instead of what you want to DO.  Feeling strong, feeling empowered, feeling confident. Life will come at you, and oftentimes it’s pretty unexpected.  So this year,  set an intention for how you are going to feel, react, and respond to whatever comes your way. Empowering your mind, your heart,  your spirit to feel refreshed, restored, and ready for 2020!


This new year, I am doing things in community. I am inviting friends to join me on my fitness journey, whether it’s to go on a run at the park or to take a class at Lync. I’m also telling people about my fitness goals and plans to add the extra accountability. Lastly, I will take a jug of water with me to the office to remind me to drink water. We all need to stay hydrated!


I am a small picture kind of guy. When I try to set a big goal for the whole year it is overwhelming. I break it down into smaller steps. Take it week by week. Some weeks will be better than others. But you bounce back the next week (I always say shooter’s mentality for all you basketball players out there). Then celebrate the small victories and achievements. If I feel successful I am more likely to keep doing something than if I feel like I am just continuously working towards something in the distance.


One important way to kicking off the new decade is finding the one thing that gets your day started off on the right foot. The “lead domino,” if you will. The one healthy habit that sets the tone to having a strong and productive day. For me, it is waking up early and getting a sweat in. I feel motivated and ready to take on whatever the day may bring me and there’s never a time I regret a workout! It is important to keep these promises to yourself just as you would to anyone else in your life. Find the thing that gets you going and start every day with something great for you!


As I’ve gotten old and wise… kidding, but as I’ve done a bit more living and tried to learn from my mistakes, I’ve found what works for me when it comes to pursuing goals. I find it easier to break things down into three points, so if you’re looking to make some big changes in 2020, here are my tips to help keep you on track:


Narrow Your Focus
This is the year I’m going to quit drinking or smoking, eat better, exercise five times a week, call mom more often, spend more time with my dog, save more money, learn a new language and climb Kilimanjaro. How many of us approach the New Year like this?? It’s certifiably nuts. Drop the idea that you are going to become a perfect human in a year (or ever, frankly). We are always a work in progress, so you don’t have to try and build Rome in a day. Narrow things down to (at most) your top three goals for the year. It’s so much better to be amazing at working towards two goals than mediocre at trying to accomplish twelve. This year, I am going to try and quit drinking (for 50+ days), cook at home more often, and get back to church.


Start With the End in Mind
You hear us say it in class all the time… your why matters. In fact, it might be the most important factor in creating change. When you’re tempted to slip up or fall back into an unhealthy habit, remind yourself of what you’re working towards. If you have a goal in mind, remind yourself how you’re going to feel once you get there. It’s going to take hard work, hard choices, and working through setbacks, but if you consistently remind yourself what you’re pursuing and why, those 10 seconds of thought can be the difference between staying on track and falling off the rails.


Don’t Let One Slip-Up Derail You
That being said, if there is one piece of advice I want you to take to heart, it’s this. Can you imagine if we gave up every single time we experienced a single setback?? I received one piece of negative feedback from my boss, so I quit my job. I overcooked some pasta, so I’m never cooking again. I missed going to church on one Sunday, so no sense in ever going back. One time, a friend told me “don’t skip two planned workouts in a row,” and I love that idea. We’re human, so we’re not perfect. The journey towards our goals doesn’t have to be perfect, either. You will experience setbacks, you will slip up. It’s up to you too recognize those moments, work through them quickly, and move on. The next day, go back to making the choices that move you towards your goal, and put those setbacks in the rearview where they belong.
Whatever you’re working towards this year, I hope you learn something about yourself, learn how to embrace and work through struggle, and are damn proud of yourself for even trying to be a happier, better you. Cheers to 2020.


I’ll say it again: plan it out. I know myself and I am very aware that if I don’t write it down, I will forget about it. I’d love to trust my memory but the fact is, it’s not that great and it’s pretty scattered up there in my brain so my key to success is time blocking.

I use google calendars to block out every minute of my day so that I am on track and don’t become overwhelmed or double book myself. I block time to my workouts, commuting to work, time for myself to recharge, and work time. I even block out time for meal prepping, grocery shopping, running errands, etc. This way, I know exactly what I’m getting done and if something falls short, I know that I can adjust the next week according to my time block sheet and continue to do better.

I’m very measurable when it comes to success and if I can measure the efficiency of my time blocking skills, then I am one happy camper. Is this time consuming? Slightly, but it’s so worth it because you realize how much time you’re saving. Instead of endlessly scrolling on Instagram or taking a buzzfeed quiz of what kind of dog you would be in a second life (hi, it’s me, I do that) and you actually spend your time doing that thing you almost forgot about because your google cal reminded you.

Take it from a chronic misplacer, forgetter, procrastiner — time blocking is your friend.


Kicking off 2020 right and feeling your best in the new year is all about planning. And not just planning your meals or planning your workouts (though this is incredibly helpful!). It’s about planning time for your own sanity. For example: I like to get up an extra 15-30 minutes earlier most mornings to take some time for just me, while the rest of my house is still snoozing. Sometimes I spend that time drinking my coffee and listening to either a podcast or my latest audiobook. Other days I might use it to tidy up a bit around the house, folding the blankets left on the couch or putting away the dishes that were drying. No matter how I use that time, it allows my day to start off in a quieter, less chaotic way that always translates into the rest of my day. When you take that time to focus on you, and only you, it can change the whole game.

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