Let's make some goals

Did you catch our Goal Set + Share event? No worries if you missed it. We recorded it for you! Watch, re-watch & dive in. Then download the worksheet. below and let’s get our goals on the map. After you’ve conquered goal setting, share your BIG goal for November 3rd in the comments below. Accountability is one of the biggest steps towards achieving your goals.

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Stephanie Mason Owen
Stephanie Mason Owen
9 days ago

my big goal for the rest of the challenge is to prioritize VPFC lunches every day

Theanna Kellogg
Theanna Kellogg
2 days ago

Hi everyone! I tweaked and refocused my Goal for this challenge, and really thought about the specifics and what I really wanted to gain from this 30 day challenge.
I made a promise to myself several years ago that I would make sure I’m at the fitness level I want to be in by the time I’m 50 and then I only have to maintain that going forward. I have had a few setbacks with illness and injuries but I have fought back each time to get back on track. This challenge is my beginning my starting line and I’m excited to run this race for me.
I want this month to be a time of change for me a time to put me first and get back to my healthy habits. Trying new ways to look at nutrition and how to fuel my body to get the most out of myself each and every day.
I will be turning 50 this November 21st and this challenge will get me started on my path to great health this year. Here’s to my 50th being the best ever!!!