Welcome to LYNC30 + Introductions

Congrats on signing up to take this journey with us! We’re all so glad to see you here and can’t wait for the next 30 days. Whether you’re a veteran LYNC30 goer or a newbie to the program, we’re here to create the best experience possible! If you haven’t done so yet, please watch the LYNC Welcome + 101 videos from Kelsey + Whitney as well as visit the FAQ section to get some clarity on any questions you may have. 

Our team has worked hard to create a plan that’s simple, effective, and fun. We’ll be here to guide you through the whole way, but you’ll have to actively open your mind and body to change. Go all in with us and we promise that 30 days from now you’ll see strength, progress, and growth.

We know you’ll do great, but we do have a very helpful reminder for you this month: stay social. The best part of this challenge is that you have SO MANY people taking it with you who are cheering you on. This fitness family is powerful and we’ve seen that we can truly do anything with the power of community. This month will be our most fun if we all engage, support, and discuss our successes and challenges in this discussion group.

Hopefully you’ve read a little bit about Whitney Stuart on the Meet Whitney tab, but there’s also a few more familiar faces who are taking on this challenge with you! We’ve complied a list of your very own LYNC instructors who have committed to challenging themselves with the LYNC30 program right alongside you. Read more about your LYNC30 fam below + then comment below and introduce yourself and why you’ve decided to join us.

Kelsey Howard


This month is my chance to reclaim 2020 and finish the year feeling good about where I’m at and the effort I’m putting in. It feels like I’ve been along for the ride the last few months so I’m looking forward to having a plan, taking control of my fitness and food choices, and having lots of accountability partners. I also love that we have found a way to bring the community together for this challenge in spite of everything this year, and we can all get the support we’re craving right now. I’m taking on LYNC30 for myself and because it’s essential to create this empowering environment for the rest of the studio!

 I’m doing LYNC30 because 2020 has totally thrown me off my routine (and I thrive on routine haha). It’s time to get back in check and take care of my body and give it the fuel it needs

Sydney Merriman

studio manager
+ instructor

Kayla Dye

marketing manager
+ instructor

I’m super excited for the next 30 days. I love Whitney + her sass and all her recipes and tips. With Whitney’s help, I’ve been able to adapt her meal plans to fit my dietary needs while also taking charge of my nutrition. PLUS, I really miss being PART of something and can’t wait to cheer all of you on.

I’m taking on LYNC30 because at 5.5 months postpartum, I’ve realized I’ve halfway put my healthy choices on the back burner. I’m hoping to reestablish old healthy habits and maybe pick up a new one or two so I can be a healthy, strong role model for my baby girl!

Shannon Parnitke


Andrew Matt


The LYNC30 challenge is just that: a challenge! But it’s also a celebration of what our bodies can do, and one of the best ways to connect with the LYNC community both in classes and outside of the studio! Taking on challenges together is what we do every day in class, so all of those times you’ve surprised yourself with your own strength or felt yourself grown at LYNC, this challenge is just building on those same habits. With a little bit of planning and the help of everyone taking on LYNC30, you’ll be amazed at how you tackle these coming days and weeks! Cheers to a great challenge, and see you in the produce section 🙂

I am taking on the LYNC30 challenge because over time, I’ve learned that I’m so much more successful when I have an accountability partner to help me achieve my goals!

Four Powerful Benefits of An Accountability Partner:
1. Another perspective
2. Someone to check in with
3. Built-in cheerleader
4. Someone to challenge you

As a newer member to the LYNC community, I am also hoping to make new connections during the challenge! I cannot wait to hear what your goals are and I cannot wait to help you achieve them as one of your many accountability partners! LET’S DO THIS!

Lauren Duff


Avery Godwin


2020 has been nothing short of unpredictable. It’s been a year that has pushed me to grow, but has also felt so out of control. I am SO pumped to take on LYNC30 and take back control of my health while being surrounded by the most encouraging community!

When I first heard about LYNC30 I didn’t know what to expect and was nervous to sign up… but decided to take a risk and go for it, and I’m so glad I did! Whitney’s expertise changed the game for me. I learned about what my body needs and how to be prepared for the week- I started Sunday meal prepping and haven’t stopped since! LYNC30 also gave me the opportunity to connect with the instructors and other riders- Lync went from being a studio to a community. I’m super pumped to see what I’ll learn and who I’ll meet this time around 🤗

Emily Breviglia


Alexandra Mercado


I’m so excited to take on this 30 day challenge with y’all! I decided to take on the LYNC30 because 1. It will be the perfect wedding prep: I will have easy to follow yummy and healthy meals I won’t have to overthink about! 2. It gives me a chance to really dive deep into the Lync community and connect with our riders in a deeper way 3. It will help me create momentum to become a stronger rider/instructor by taking classes from all our amazing instructors!”

I’m taking on the LYNC30 challenge because I love any kind of group accountability. I love group fitness in general because it’s so fun to be pushed to be the best version of myself alongside other people with the same goals!! Also, I love food & new food inspo, so this is a win-win 🤩

Emily Smith


Kailyn Lee


You have to keep your cup full before anyone else’s. This challenge for is a promise to myself to take care of my body with proper fuel and dedicate more intentional time to exercising and feeling good. 

I’m taking on the LYNC30 Challenge because I need a break! My mind and body deserve some self love and that’s exactly what I want to focus on the next 30 days!

Kasey Carlock


Now it's your turn 👇🏻

66 Responses

  1. I’m so excited to start this new round of Lync30! Every time I participate I learn something new and meet new people! It’s a great opportunity to build up your community. I get really comfortable walking in to the studio and walking out without contact and this has helped me get away from that.

  2. I am taking on Lync 30 so that I can keep feeling and becoming stronger by tailoring my diet (with lots of awesome help and guidance from Whitney!) to complement my efforts in the bike room. I am looking forward to getting to know more people in the Lync Community through this challenge. The past challenges at Lync that I’ve been part of have been really positive experiences for me and I know that October Lync 30 will be great too. This will take a lot of effort and dedication, I know we can do it especially because we’re all in it together!

    1. Yes, we will do it because we are all in this together! Cannot wait to get to know you better through this challenge Rachel!

  3. I love Lync challenges! Such a great way to learn new things, meet new people and get back into the swing of things. During this crazy year, I am looking forward to some structure and guidelines and smarter eating that will lead to more energy and happy endorphins!! Looking forward to it!! XO Kim

    1. Yes, Kim! So excited to do this challenge with you! I need to get back to some more structure, especially when it comes to my nutrition! 2020 has thrown me completely off course!

  4. I am doing Lync 30 because I want to really look at what I’m putting into my body and how I’m fueling it. Quarantine and 2020 put my bad eating habits on display. I’m excited to do this challenge because I feel like I haven’t had the same motivation in the gym as I did before quarantine. I am also excited to get to know all of you! I can definitely get into the habit of just showing up and leaving. I’m thrilled to meet all of you and get to know y’all better since we all go to Lync because we love the community and love the work. <3

    1. YESSS! I love this so much. Proud of you and can’t wait to see you in the studio more. I’m working on taking on my own workouts so this will be funnnn

  5. hi friends! this is my first Lync30 challenge. with the pandemic, an ankle injury, and our recent move, I really fell out of the routine of working out and eating well. I decided to do this challenge (after a lot of back and forth mentally) to jumpstart new habits and take better care of myself. I’m a little overwhelmed by the nutrition plan going out of the gate, but I’m excited to get started!

    1. Hey Grace! I felt the exact same way when I did my first Lync30 challenge! But the beautiful thing about the meal plan is you can adapt to what you prefer. Hate brussell sprouts like me? Sub in broccoli. Got a bunch of chicken on hand you need to use, sub that in for turkey. The important thing is to follow Whitney’s VPFC method and to eat real foods. When you switch your mindset from “I have to follow this plan EXACTLY or I’m doing it wrong!” to “I am picking nutritious, real foods that fit my lifestyle and preference” it makes a huuuuuuge difference. Good luck, you’re gonna crush it!!

    2. Welcome Grace! You’re going to love it. I totally fell off the bandwagon too and so glad we have this challenge to get back on track and feeling good about things. Feel free to ask ALL the questions. The meal plan can seem overwhelming but no question is a bad one–it gets easier I promise!

    3. So so happy to have you on board 🙂 and you know we are all here cheering you on and offering whatever support you need! One day at a time and you’ll be amazed at how much you learn and grow!

  6. I’m hoping to use these thirty days as a reset to, as Kelsey mentioned, take back control over my exercise and eating. I want to remember how good I feel when I take care of myself and put my health first! Having the community accountability will help me to start and stick to it rather than push it off to “tomorrow” or “next week.” I am also continuing to rewire my brain from the demonizing of foods that aren’t as nutrient rich!

    1. ABSOLUTELY! There’s something really special about having other people taking on tasks with you that makes it easier to take on.

  7. Today is the first day of my extended vacay from work — through the rest of the year. My husband told me I should find a new hobby during my time off so I don’t lose my mind (and drive him nuts all day every day)
    After a year at home with my baby and working for a cruise line, which has been totally decimated by the pandemic, it’s time for a total reset!
    So when I realized the challenge started on my first day off, the universe slightly nudged me to realize what I wanted to do — make myself my new hobby.

  8. Hey everyone! Happy first day of the challenge! :-). This is my third challenge and I am really excited about it because I need to get back to healthy eating and lifestyle choices. That cliche that abs are made in the kitchen has some truth to it right? I’m ready for these delicious meals from Whitney, some community time with y’all and some great workouts with the Lync fam!

    1. It’s a total cliché because it’s TRUE! Abs are totally made in the kitchen and Kelsey’s arms + abs class LOL

  9. Happy first day of challenge–I am looking forward to 30 days of fun nutrition and new recipes, some group meet ups and a stronger body. I LOVE Lync 30. I learn something new every time and meet more people! My husband and I go by Mode and Dode to many studio goers but you can also call us by our names–Carla & Steve!

    And I continue to work toward a little flatter stomach and much stronger shoulders (I am the one groaning on planks and dolphins and push ups in CORE!).

    Let’s have some LYNC family community fun–AT LAST!!!!!

  10. I did Lync30 a couple years ago and took so much away from it. I kept those good habits up for quite awhile, but 2020 has totally derailed me! I’m looking forward to finding more balance and taking care of myself!

  11. Dropping some of my favorite resources/coupons here if you’re in a slump & need some healthy/easy options! 🙂

    Grocery Resources:
    Instacart- Order your groceries fresh https://inst.cr/t/mKCyagq5d

    Thrive Market: Free 30 days & 25% off order
    online discount health store for items you may not find in stores (can filter for allergens and dietary patterns like low carb!). Ex: meat sticks, single nut butters & avocado oil spray.

    Prepared meal recs:
    Territory Foods- $50 off. Fresh delivered/pick-up meals in DFW. Use the paleo/Whole30 filter, low carb and balanced – http://www.territoryfoods.com/yum/DALLASDIETITIAN

    Snap Kitchen: Another fresh option in Dallas Richardson & Plano. Download the app & order a free meal/lifestyle plan. $45 off plan/$15 off first purchase – https://www.snapkitchen.com/refer/whitnessnutrition?name=Whitney

    BrightBox Foods: This retired chef from Abacus’ new concept. The salmon & spaghetti squash dishes, wow! Delivered.

    ATable: beautiful season meals that change weekly. All ingredients are listed. Add Whitness Nutrition to note section. They deliver to your doorstep in compostable containers, Dallas locations only.

    Like to cook? Consider Sunbasket’s Paleo filter. Here is $35 off your first order https://sunbasket.com/invite/Whitney253784

    Coffee creamer upgrade: Califia unsweetened, or Nutpods(Kroger, Sprouts, Tom Thumb), 20% off with code Whitnessnutrition or $5 off here https://www.nutpods.com/?sref_id=dxo8b9x&utm_campaign=referral_program&utm_source=loyalty

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