work with whitney 1:1

If you’re looking for some extra help on the side, you can work with Whitney directly outside of the group. This can look like education for dietary modifications, body composition management program, improving your relationship with food, nutrition for longevity and so much more.

Whitney will get into detail with you–discussing your lifestyle, personal goals, as well as your current regimen; including diet, sleep, exercise, stress levels, recent lab work, vitamins, medications, your eating habits and preferences. You will cover past medical history, along with basic nutrition EDU and create a personalized course of action with sustainable goals to begin your nutrition optimization journey! Whitney’s goal, in the long run, is for you to thrive without me using your own strong foundation.

fav food links + discounts

The opinions expressed here are those of Whitness Nutrition and Whitney Stuart, only.  These products are part of my daily regimen and have been thoroughly researched. I serve a purpose as a healthcare practitioner to provide unbiased, evidence-based TRUTH. I only want to put the newest/best and most quality nutrients in front of my patients and followers. I try up to ten products per week, ensuring they hold nutritional value and fit the Whitness standard of being full of real food with real purpose.

I would hate for you to try something, waste your money, and it be nasty, inflammatory & worthless. The products below have been tried & loved. Oftentimes, I’ve worked with the brand to show my true belief in them and our aligned standards.

Further Food Collagen

code whitnessnutrition for 15% off. I love this grass-fed option, similar to Vital Proteins but a CA based product and women-owned!

SafeCatch Tuna

Code whitness for 10% off. Wild, organic & very low in mercury. These single packs are my no-excuse protein source when I’m traveling.

Siete Foods

I can’t do gluten and corn is my enemy; but these are the perfect treat when I need to dip!

YES Bars

Although these bars aren’t balanced, they serve as a great snack option with a punch of plant-based fats from nuts and seeds. Try my favorite flavors Chocolate macadamia nut & black sesame sea salt with code YES2WHITNESS