Skip the boring sit ups and trade your core workout for this seriously effective & fun ab-building routine. Here’s 6 of our favorite moves from Cycle + Abs Instructor, Avery, to strengthen your core. Since your core is the center of all movement, an additional 20 minutes of ab-burning moves will not only improve your bikini bod but help with posture, balance and reduce back pain.

So, grab a mat and hit the floor — those abs aren’t going to work themselves.


Moving Bear Plank

Start in a strong plank position, making sure hands are under shoulders and heels are pressing back. Walk each hand out in front of the body and then walk them back in, focusing on not shifting your weight side-to-side as you move. Walk the feet in toward your hands and back out, aiming to keep your hips from shifting. That’s one rep. Do 10 in a row without stopping.


Shoulder Tap Mountain Climbers

Reset into a plank pose with chest open and shoulders pulled back. Tap each shoulder without moving side to side and come back to plank pose. Drive each knee under the body toward the chest and finish back where you started. Do 10 repetitions all the way through.


Toe Tap Crunch

Start on your back with knees bent in a tabletop position. Knees should be perfectly stacked on top of the hips, and the lower back should be pushing and connecting with the floor underneath. Keeping the knees bent, tap each toe on the ground one at a time. Crunch up and engage the core at the top, keeping your chin away from your chest, reaching arms forward. Lower down to the start position. Do 20 reps.


Oblique Crunch to Side Plank

Place one knee down and extend one leg out to the side with your knee directly underneath your hip. With your hands behind your head and elbows pointing out wide, take one side crunches engaging the oblique to help lift you back to center. Be sure to hold hips still and keep your chest wide. Repeat the same lean over, but now place your hand underneath your shoulder and take your leg out for a side plank hold. Pause for 5 seconds before you move back in. Repeat 10 times and then switch sides.


Burpee Cardio Crunch

Start standing on your feet. Place hands on the floor and hop back to a plank position. Hold 2 seconds then hop the feet back under and come back to a standing position. Reach hands above head. Engage your core and lift one knee at a time. As you turn, pull the arms down and feel yourself twist and your obliques engage, aiming to get the opposite knee and elbow to connect. Keep your knees and hips facing forward as you twist, checking that you’re not opening up to the side. Do 10 reps.


Dancing Crab Sit-Up

From a seated position, roll down slowly to the floor making sure to connect your spine to the ground. Roll all the way back up to a seated position and place hands underneath the shoulders by your hips. Press up and reach the right arm to the outside of the left foot. Lower down and repeat by reaching the left hand to the right foot. Focus on reaching as you lift, getting hips up as high as you can each time. Repeat 10 times.

Do the entire series all the way through twice with a 60 second break in between sets.

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