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I’m Kelsey and I love to run! It’s something that allows me to clear my head and zone out. I always feel my strongest and most powerful when I’m crushing a long run! I’ve been running for over 20 years and have lots of experience with what works and what doesn’t. I ran varsity cross country and track for 4 years in high school at Plano Senior High and then ran on the SMU cross country and track team. I ran the 800 m, 3200 m, and sometimes the 800 or 1600 m for relay medleys. I’ve been out of school now for 10 years but running is still a big part of my life. It’s something I’m super passionate about and love to share what I know and what I’ve learned with others! Hope you enjoy this training program and learn a little about what you’re capable of in the process. Feel free to reach out on IG @kelseynicole87 with any questions you have about your training. And I’d love for you to tag me in your run pics! 

So you’ve committed to running a 5k but you don’t know where to start. We’ve got you covered! With this 10 day training plan we will have you ready for race day and feeling stronger than ever.

The key to a great 5k run is confidence in your ability and a good foundation. Be sure that you treat your body well, don’t overdo it, and always hydrate and refuel after your workout. Don’t worry about where you’re starting from - everyone can be a good runner.

These runs focus on the effort you put in, not how fast you go. You’ll see that each run is paced on a scale of 1 to 10 - 1 being slightly above a walk pace and 10 being your best and fastest run pace. You could probably only run for a few minutes at your 10 pace. Don’t dwell on how long it takes you to complete each workout, pay attention to what energy and effort you are using.

Remember, what you eat, how hydrated you are, how well you slept the night before, and your stress levels all effect your run. It’s okay to to not have the best run every time. You can do this!

Day 1

Run 1 mile - 6/10 pace
Walk .5
Run 1 mile - aim for same time as first mile

Day 2

30 min run - easy pace 4-5/10 pace
Doesn’t matter how far but go full time

Day 3

Track/speed work
1 mile easy warmup + stretch
60 second run @ 8/10 pace + 60 second rest (rest can be a walk or just standing - don’t sit)
Repeat x 4

90 second run @ 8/10 pace + 60 second rest
Repeat x 3

120 second run @ 8/10 pace + 60 second rest Repeat x 2

Cool down walk + stretch

Day 4

1 mile recovery walk
30 min Bodyweight strength workout

Day 5

1 mile run - 7/10 effort
.5 mile walk
1 mile run - aim to beat your time from mile 1

Day 6

35 minute run - slow and easy 4-5/10 pace - about putting in the time not miles

Day 7

Track/Speed work
1 mile easy warmup + stretch
2 min @ 8/10 effort
30 second jog recovery 4/10 effort
1 min 30 seconds @ 8/10 effort
30 second recovery jog @ 4/10 effort
1 min @ 8/10 effort
30 second recovery jog @ 4/10 effort
30 second @ 9-10/10 best pace effort
30 second recovery jog @ 4/10 effort

Reverse ladder back up starting with another 30 on 30 recover (should take 16 minutes total)

5 min walk recovery + stretch

Day 8

Walk or cross train (bike, swim, etc) 30 min

Day 9

30 min run - moderate 6/10 effort

Day 10

Rest + hydrate


Tips from our instructors



Pro tip! I use this app for my HIIT workouts but it is perfect for timed running intervals as well. Set up all the intervals beforehand including the warm up, rest time and cool down. This app is great because you can make simple and multi intervals workouts and play your music on your phone at the same time. It will beep at the beginning and end of intervals so you don’t have to constantly look at your phone or watch.



Proper hydration, especially as we get into warmer months, starts long before the run. Continue to drink water through the day to keep the body hydrated. If you’re on the run and very thirsty, you’re too late.



Find a fun playlist that inspires you!

Start off slow and don’t be discouraged - it takes time to build endurance and speed! Consider walk/run methods in the beginning! 



Your shoes are so important! Trust me... I lost most of my toenails when I was training for my first half marathon. Gross, but true. Always go up at least a 1/2 size to a full size because your feet swell while you're running. I currently run in New Balance shoes but find the one that works for you & remember to get new shoes every 3-400ish miles.



1. If you haven’t run 3 uninterrupted miles before, don’t do it right away, build up to it.

2. If you want your time to get faster, work in some speed work.

3. Pace yourself.... don’t start out too fast and not able to finish. Start with a slower pace you can keep and speed up as you get closer to the finish line!

4. Enjoy it! Be proud you got yourself moving and finished a 5k!

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